A dinner set is the central attraction on a dining table that determines the overall dining experience. It sets the mood for the occasion and also expresses you as a person.

We understand that selecting the perfect crockery set might be a daunting task. So, to help you with this, we have come up with an easy guide to sail you through the intricacies of setting an opulent dinning table.


A Guide to Revamping Your Dining Experience

The selection of the perfect dinner set should be guided by three factors: appearance, durability, and usability.

Keeping these in mind, let us jump to the core issue.


Pick the Right Material

Dinner sets are available in several materials, such as ceramic, earthenware, stoneware, melamine, porcelain, etc.

Want a grand and opulent set? Ceramic remains the unbeatable contender.

Ceramic plates and bowls have been an indispensable part of the dining room and carry a touch of grandeur and opulence. The durability of this fine clay will surely impress you. Also, being non-porous, it is one of the healthiest options available.


Pay Attention to the Tone

One of the most important considerations while selecting  dinnerware is deciding the tone of the dining room.

For a casual setting, plates that have an edgier and more contemporary feel, like, square, oblong, or oval plates, suit the best. Creative, colourful designs and patterns add playful vibrancy.

On the other hand, round plates that retain classic appeal are the most preferred option for a formal setting.



Stocking different crockery sets for different occasions is pretty impractical. Flexibility should be the key here. Neutral colours like white or ivory, or borders that can tune in various mood offer you freedom to experiment and also declutters your cupboard.

You can buy premium-quality ceramic plates online.



Whether you want a whole set offering plates, serving platters, and bowls or whether you want an open set depends on how you plan to use it.

For party lovers, an 18-piece dinner set or a 16-piece dinner set offers uniformity.

However, for a slight change, buy it in pieces.


Minute Structural Details That Matter

Rimmed plates are designed for meals with liquid or juices while coupes are for dishes that can be eaten without further cutting, like salads or stir-fries.


Platters and Serving Bowls

No dining table is complete without serving platters and bowls. Now that you have figured out the core dinner set you want to try, it’s time to shed some light on bowls and platters.

For all the party animals, we offer microwave safe and gorgeously designed ceramic serving plates. These different shapes and styles add interest to your setting.

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Final Thoughts

If you are tired of the same old crockery set and want to infuse a new life in your dinning experience, explore our top-notch ceramic collection and go boho in your dining style.